After the passenger and driver appointments are successful, the app will record the passenger’s identity information, driver’s identity information, license plate number, and itinerary information and upload it to the blockchain. To solve the privacy issue, we can use the latest zero-knowledge proof (zk-SNARK) or similar anonymous technology. In such a case, the outsider who does not have the private key can not get the passenger and driver information. Dapp can automatically send the passenger’s viewing private key to his or her family or friends. Then, the passenger’s family can use the private key to query the relevant information of the transaction.

In addition, the CallMe blockchain ridding system Dapp can even be equipped with a one-button alarm button, if the passenger feels wrong or threatened, it can automatically send a distress signal to the set contact and the police.

CallMe Blockchain Ridding System = IOT+ Blockchain + AI

There is also a more advanced idea here. That is: use smart contracts to automatically trigger an alarm event for any abnormal state. In the future, don’t let the customer service judge the abnormal situation, directly use the AI, or even join the automatic driving, the driver only plays an emergency role, and then cooperate with the global satellite to lock the position of the cab.