The “Special” platform provides income that everyone can earn in their daily lives, or in other words, “by the way” income. “By the way” refers to the special is a very special service platform. There is no restriction on service time, free choice to make money, the operation process is mainly «by the way“. That is to say, when a person or driver wants to go to or return to a place, and a local legally registered company or a legal courier company, the audited level members have documents and items to be delivered, then any senior registered member, the driver will be able to bring documents «by the way“. The items are delivered, earning income. This will create a need to deliver the document to look for “by the way” on the “special” delivery staff, or when you want to go somewhere, you can login “special” to see first if there is a “by the way” delivery needs, so that you will get extra income and reduce the cost of your journey, no doubt for any senior registered member can be a free delivery person in excess of time.