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CallMe - Blockchain e-Hailing system is the first platform in this type of service. It is a fully decentralized and autonomous network ridding service that allows drivers to pay them in the form of cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The initial driver activation fee is used to process passenger fares using the same token or any other traditional Fiat method. Its unique design allows it to scale without the help or control of any corporate entity. Drivers use the platform to foster their own revenue source network and peer-to-peer payment capabilities, enabling CallMe to automatically spread to new markets around the world, monopolizing many of its current competitors.


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Blockchain facing the most important issue – Security Threats In recent years, blockchain technology has set off a wave of international enthusiasm. As another innovation after the mainframe, personal computer, and Internet computing models, countries and regions have given high attention to the development of blockchains and actively explored the application of blockchains. However, as an […]

Looking back on 2008, our life has undergone huge changes, we dare not imagine that technological development has brought such earth-shaking changes to our lives. In the 2018 time node, emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, and Blockchain are laying the groundwork and become the driving force for the next decade. On April 1, 2008, […]