ACLADEB is a not-for-profit organization or nonprofit institution, is dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. In economic terms, it is an organization that uses its surplus of the revenues to further achieve its ultimate objective, rather than distributing its income to the organization's shareholders, leaders, or members.
Mechanism of Money Raising
ACLADEB are not driven by generating profit, but we must make enough income to pursue our social duties. Nonprofits organisation are able to raise money in different ways. This includes income from donations from individual donors or foundations; sponsorships from corporations; government funding; programs, services or merchandise sales; and investments. Each is unique in which source of income works best for them. Organizations have adopted competitive advantages to create revenue for themselves to remain financially stable. Donations from private individuals or organizations can change each year and government grants have diminished. With changes in funding from year to year, our nonprofit organizations have been moving toward increasing the diversity of funding sources from government grants to individual donors.