CallMe System Features & Advantages

Call Me is not only a ride system service management platform, but also a comprehensive software cooperation management platform. In addition to developing various trending and humanized systems, we also include the existing advantages and humanized system integration in the docking market. Together, it will be integrated, which will make the entire Call Me platform more comprehensive for the public, and become the habitual humanized service platform for human beings in the coming century.

The Call Me Service Platform Features:
1 APP ride e-hailing service system. 2 Taxi rental system. 3 Ride hailing reservation system. 4 Driver service system. 5 Call drivers for purchasing takeaways and meal delivery 6 Delivering documents and courier services. 7 Nearby tourist attraction introduction system. 8 Nearby merchant offers search system. 9 Hotel reservation system. 10 Mobile payment system. 11 Business advertising platform. 12 Social communication platform. 13 International Blockchain Crypto Token Exchange Platform. 14 Multi-language automatic conversion system and customer safety guarantee. 15 Currency trading platform.
Call Me Develops Market Models in Various Countries: 1 Provide a comprehensive service management platform. 2 Form alliance development cooperation with local partners. 3 Docked with the original software system of the local cultural alliance. 4 Open up to allows small investors to join the team and enhance the development of the team. 5 Open freestyle unrestricted drivers join the system. 6 Reward the driver and customer recommendation rewards win-win system. 7 Download the application system for free.
Call Me Transaction Payment Method: 1 Promote the conversion of “RollsCoin” to Ride Coin worldwide for payment by Call Me. 2 Use the Call Me blockchain wallet as a payment method. 3 Use the third payment platform as the payment method. 4 Use cash as a payment method.