Blockchain facing the most important issue – Security Threats

In recent years, blockchain technology has set off a wave of international enthusiasm. As another innovation after the mainframe, personal computer, and Internet computing models, countries and regions have given high attention to the development of blockchains and actively explored the application of blockchains.

However, as an emerging technology, one of the most important issues facing the blockchain is security threats. According to relevant data, there are currently 500 digital currency exchanges in the world, with 1,644 digital currencies, with a total value of 344.8 billion yuan. As of October 2018, the cumulative direct economic losses caused by attacks on digital currencies amounted to $3.35 billion, with losses of approximately $1 billion in the first half of this year alone.

It is enough to see that the current blockchain security mechanism is not very robust. Attackers choose to protect the relatively weak data layer, network layer, consensus layer, extension layer and business layer for attacks. Most security incidents occur in digital currency trading platforms. Smart contracts, wallets, etc. In response to this situation, the Call Me ride chain has created a blockchain full ecological security solution.

Create a comprehensive Ecological Security Solution to Protect Blockchain Asset Security

In the context of the blockchain facing security threats, the CallMe ride chain explores, analyzes and summarizes the mainstream attack events in the different application scenarios of the blockchain data layer, network layer, consensus layer, extension layer and service layer. “Smart Contract Security Audit, Information Security Detection and Penetration Testing, Secure Travel Location Auditing, Data Assurance, Dapp Development and Verification” and other security solutions in different scenarios, including smart contract security auditing scheme and account information security overall scheme Data security solutions, etc., eventually formed a “all-ecological security solution for blockchain platforms”.

The block eco-safety solution created by CallMe is designed from the aspects of design, development and testing, on-line testing, optimization of operations and value-added services. It not only provides early warning for the safe operation of blockchain communities, but also sustainable. To provide technical support for the safety of the blockchain, it is hoped that a safe and reliable blockchain safety ecosystem can be established. The current ecological security services provided by the CallMe ride chain mainly include:

1. Intelligent contract security audit: Based on VaaS “one-click” formal verification platform for intelligent contract security audit, and issued a security audit report based on public chain approval.

2. Safe travel positioning audit: real-time positioning according to user’s itinerary, and issue a safety audit report.

3. Information data security detection and penetration testing: to provide users with the highest level of security testing and penetration testing services during travel, improve user travel security.

4. Secure Dapp development: Develop blockchain-based applications based on user requirements and formalize them.

5. Wallet security: using a unique digital encryption technology, formal verification method for private key protection and security audit of cold and hot wallets.

It takes a long time to get to a thousand miles. Those who are working hard in the Blockchain industry are still heading for hope. The CallMe ride chain is dedicated to creating a global Blockchain ridding platform that will leave you hassle free!