Looking back on 2008, our life has undergone huge changes, we dare not imagine that technological development has brought such earth-shaking changes to our lives. In the 2018 time node, emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, and Blockchain are laying the groundwork and become the driving force for the next decade.

On April 1, 2008, China Mobile’s trial commercial 3G network marked the beginning of commercialization of 3G in China, and also set off a chapter in the era of mobile internet. The launch of the subsequent 4G network has pushed the application of mobile internet to an unprecedented level. height. Based on high-speed 4G networks, new applications such as mobile phone ordering, mobile navigation, mobile payment and other mobile Internet-based applications are endless, and small mobile can truly change the world.

Referring to “changing the world”, Jobs and his first-generation iPhone have completely changed the mobile phone and mobile Internet industries. The App Store model has attracted many developers and formed the iPhone-based software and hardware ecosystem. Ten years after the release of the first-generation iPhone, Apple became the world’s first technology company with a market capitalization of more than one trillion dollars. Apple’s success will undoubtedly become the best witness of the rise of the mobile Internet era.

The 5G network that will be officially commercialized in 2020 will give birth to a new trend of Internet of Everything. In the era of mobile internet, mobile phones have become the center of everything, so smartphones have leaped forward in the past decade. In the next decade, people will become the dominant player instead of mobile phones, and will be connected to everything, and thus will lead to the far-reaching development of new industries and applications.

In the future, telemedicine, autonomous driving, smart city, smart home and other sub-sectors will be booming due to the high-speed and low-latency 5G network, and through the 5G network and the dominance of everything – people, to achieve interconnection.

If you simply think that 5G networks will only make your mobile phone faster, then you will be mistaken. Some analysts said that in the 4G era, we have developed the personal mobile application to the extreme, and the upcoming 5G will not change again at least in the short term. The arrival of 5G network plays a vital role in industrial manufacturing upgrade industry “quality”, 5G will become one of the key underlying technologies to improve productivity.

Regarding artificial intelligence technology, I believe that everyone will hear about it or feel their existence in various science fiction movies, such as the popular American drama “Western World”. The core of artificial intelligence is to give the robots the wisdom and productivity, so that human beings can be freed from heavy labor, and human beings can engage in more creative work, thereby enhancing the process of social productivity and human civilization.