With the era of automotive intelligence, how to fully explore the value of the associated massive data is becoming a focus of attention. In the industry’s view, if car big data can be used effectively, it can not only provide more accurate service for the whole life cycle of the car, but also hope to replace the car product itself as the main profit point. The involvement of blockchain technology undoubtedly provides a precise key for the Pandora’s Box that opens the big data of cars.

The Era of Automobile Big Data is Surging

“Currently, automobile manufacturing technology is accelerating integration with new technologies such as information technology, network technology, communication technology, and artificial intelligence technology.” The director of the Industry Coordination Department of the National Development and Reform Commission said that “this is the global industrial transformation. One direction, the direction of intelligence.”

At present, intelligent networking, represented by technologies such as driverlessness, intelligent voice interaction, and face recognition, is becoming a new direction for the global automotive industry. “Users’ pursuit and desire for the core technology of new things is our opportunity.” Call Me taxi chain operation team said that according to McKinsey research report, Chinese consumers believe that the proportion of fully automatic driving is as high as 49%, much higher than Germany, the United States and other countries, “This is the driving force for us to develop intelligent networked cars.”

The development of intelligent network connectivity of automobiles is accompanied by big data. In order to improve the intelligence and safety of automobiles, automakers are adding more and more sensors to auto parts. From tire pressure monitoring to body stability control technology, adaptive cruise technology, lane departure warning system.

According to estimates, each car’s monitoring data based on various sensors per hour reaches 5 to 250G, and a country’s one-day car data is massive. The new concept car produces more data, such as Google’s driverless car generating about 1G of data per second. The car has almost become a data factory.

Guan Jizhen, secretary-general of the China Intelligent Transportation Association, pointed out that the rapid growth of vehicle in-transit status data, once combined with existing manufacturing and R&D data, will provide tremendous value expansion for all companies within the automotive ecosystem.

At present, the supply-side reform of China’s domestic auto industry is progressing. Call Me’s taxi chain operation team applies big data to the supply-side reform, which is both the inevitable result of the times and one of the basic conditions for cultivating new kinetic energy on the supply side of the automobile. Through the big data intelligent network connection, it can effectively link all aspects of automobile manufacturing, terminal sales, and automobile aftermarket. Moreover, through the collection of a large amount of data, car companies can more accurately predict market conditions and user needs, adjust and share resources more quickly and efficiently, and produce cars that are smarter and more suitable for users’ needs.

Blockchain Mining Car Big Data Potential

Big data is driving the transformation of the manufacturing industry into a service industry. Some experts predict that in the era of intelligent, big data in the automobile era, the automotive products themselves will no longer be the main profit points of car companies, the customized services carried on car products and the behaviors generated by users when using services. Information will become the biggest profit factor in the future automotive ecosystem.

Not long ago, the new third-list listed company Qiheda released its semi-annual report for 2018. During the reporting period, it achieved operating income of 66,465,700 yuan, an increase of 671.67% over the same period of the previous year; net profit of 37,210,900 yuan, an increase of 2173.76%. Sun Wei, CEO of Beijing Yuheda Information Technology Co., Ltd. revealed that behind this leap-forward growth, it is the embodiment of the value of automobile big data.

The CallMe ride chain operation team built a data asset management platform based on the underlying technology of the blockchain, cutting into the operation of personal data assets. “On the blockchain platform, users have control over their own data assets and can manage data assets including birth date, purchase history, driving behavior, credit value, etc. on their own.” On this platform, each user’s Effective data will be classified and managed for value assessment. Under the premise of ensuring data security, the data is mined and then applied to specific scenarios, and the generated value can be fed back to the user, that is, the producer of the data.

The biggest advantage of CallMe ride chain operation team application blockchain technology is that from data validation, circulation, value realization to value sharing, the ecology of the entire data platform will be fair, transparent and tamper-proof, reducing user data sharing and worried.

Accelerate Data Accumulation and Share Industry Dividends

On the basis of the Internet of Everything, the awareness of the application of data and the sharing of value in the driving of the whole people is awakening and strengthening. How to stimulate the sharing climax of big data? The industry believes that sharing the commercial value of big data will be a viable path.

Not long ago, the CallMe ride chain operation team proposed “data validation, data value quantification, data value sharing” will be the focus of the Call Me taxi chain. “We have been calling for market participants to share the business benefits of car big data to every node in the entire industry chain, so that the public who contributes data can also share the dividend of data value.”

The blockchain solves the security problem of data sharing to a certain extent, but data collection is still the main bottleneck facing the moment. At present, data barriers for automobiles and related industries have not been opened, and rich and scattered data resources cannot be effectively coordinated.

“Using data is culture, open data is attitude, and mining data is wisdom.” Xu Dingming, a State Council counselor, believes that the future will be the flow of everything, and the data will be the best. Therefore, cars need to collect a large amount of data, otherwise they will not be modernized.

The real value of automotive big data lies in the scientific research after collection, which will bring new opportunities to more traditional industries. Experts say that insurance technology, combined with Internet technologies such as blockchain, big data, and car networking, has become a new industry. Through the integration of related technologies, a set of “car”, “person” and “road” data models can be established. By analyzing these data models, insurance institutions can achieve more accurate user segmentation, making insurance pricing and claims more scientific and reasonable. This provides a new idea for the application of automotive big data.

In addition, it is necessary to accelerate the standardization of data and further standardize and integrate data resources. The industry calls for the promotion of data standardization in the automotive industry as soon as possible, the establishment and improvement of interface specifications and data standard systems, laying the foundation for the interconnection of inter-departmental, cross-regional and cross-vendor automotive and transportation information systems.