CallMe Ridding Chain Technology Advantages:

1. Data security: bank-level user data encryption, dynamic identity verification, multi-level risk identification control, user security; information multi-layer encryption, offline cold storage, third-party hosting, layer-by-layer buckle to ensure information security;

2, performance / efficiency worry-free: single-chain throughput (TPS) meets or exceeds the traditional database, compared with similar products at home and abroad. Single-chain can still achieve 10,000-level throughput in the national secret + zero knowledge environment. After the expansion of the chain, it can theoretically support millions of TPS. The National Acceleration Technology (GCCA) improves performance by nearly 100 times compared with all open source versions, and its performance is far superior. All password hardware and software at home and abroad;

3, perfect privacy and security: including a variety of independent research and development zero-knowledge proof algorithm, the world’s first authorized encryption and decryption protocol, hidden interactive protocols and identity confusion and other functional categories. Using advanced cryptography algorithms that meet regulatory requirements, information encryption, decryption-free authentication, data stream obfuscation, and fuzzy account system are all used to ensure the privacy and security of information.

CallMe ridding chain should become the “security guard” in the blockchain world, realizing the vision of success in future technology and safely travel around the world!