CallMe - Blockchain e-Hailing system is the first platform in this type of service. It is a fully decentralized and autonomous network ridding service that allows drivers to pay them in the form of cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The initial driver activation fee is used to process passenger fares using the same token or any other traditional Fiat method. Its unique design allows it to scale without the help or control of any corporate entity. Drivers use the platform to foster their own revenue source network and peer-to-peer payment capabilities, enabling CallMe to automatically spread to new markets around the world, monopolizing many of its current competitors.


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1. User use currency to buy a ridding coin; 2. The ridding currency flows into the driver’s hand; 3. After the driver receives the ridding currency, he is sold to the person who needs to take a ride; 4. The ridding chain is becoming more and more popular, and more and more people are taking […]

After the passenger and driver appointments are successful, the app will record the passenger’s identity information, driver’s identity information, license plate number, and itinerary information and upload it to the blockchain. To solve the privacy issue, we can use the latest zero-knowledge proof (zk-SNARK) or similar anonymous technology. In such a case, the outsider who […]

CallMe Ridding Chain Technology Advantages: 1. Data security: bank-level user data encryption, dynamic identity verification, multi-level risk identification control, user security; information multi-layer encryption, offline cold storage, third-party hosting, layer-by-layer buckle to ensure information security; 2, performance / efficiency worry-free: single-chain throughput (TPS) meets or exceeds the traditional database, compared with similar products at home […]

The satellite and the contract are only verified, and then the event is triggered automatically according to the contract. The police make a judgment based on the alarm and monitoring information. If the deviation from the scheduled route is too large or the positioning timeout (to prevent the driver from placing a signal jammer on […]