CallMe - The Future Trend Humanized Service Platform

In the context of the blockchain facing security threats, the CallMe ride chain explores, analyzes and summarizes the mainstream attack events in the different application scenarios of the blockchain data layer, network layer, consensus layer, extension layer and service layer. "Smart Contract Security Audit, Information Security Detection and Penetration Testing, Secure Travel Location Auditing, Data Assurance, Dapp Development and Verification" and other security solutions in different scenarios, including smart contract security auditing scheme and account information security overall scheme Data security solutions, etc., eventually formed a “all-ecological security solution for blockchain platforms”.

New Blockchain Sharing Economy
The CallMe ride chain operation team built a data asset management platform based on the underlying technology of the blockchain, cutting into the operation of personal data assets.
Intelligent Management Platform
With blockchain system management, built-in blockchain encryption token wallet, cash wallet, third-party payment platform payment system, cash transaction, credit card payment, debit card payment.

Call Me-Blockchain e-Hailing System - Choose once, Safely go around the World

Platform advantage
Serving the public, becoming the habitual humanized service platform for human beings in the coming century.
Safe interpretation
The CallMe Blockchain e-Hailing system utilizes a decentralized DApp to monitor the feasibility of platform drivers and user reviews.
future development
The development of intelligent network connectivity of automobiles is accompanied by big data. In order to improve the intelligence and safety of automobiles, automakers are adding more and more sensors to auto parts.
global cooperation
It takes a long time to get to a thousand miles. Those who are working hard in the blockchain industry are still heading for hope. The CallMe ride chain is dedicated to creating a global blockchain ridding platform that will leave you worry-free!

Call Me is not only a ride system service management platform, but also a comprehensive software cooperation management platform. In addition to developing various trending and humanized systems, we also include the existing advantages and humanized system integration in the docking market. Together, it will be integrated, which will make the entire Call Me platform more comprehensive for the public, and become the habitual humanized service platform for human beings in the coming century.

Application - 12 - “Treasury” Services Platform
Application - 11 - “Exchange” Services Platform
Application - 10 - “Communication” Services Platform
應用程序 - 9“交易所 ”服務平台Application - 9 - “Trade” Services Platform

CallMe free of doubt

CallMe Ride Chain——New Blockchain Sharing Economy

We return power and control to people and use the latest trends and technologies in the field of decentralization and encryption to create a self-regulating and self-expanding communal network that requires no central authority and therefore no intermediary fees. This peer-to-peer system brings the sharing economy back to the taxi service economy, enabling individuals to create their own income in a variety of ways, while at the same time expanding naturally and in a way that is far beyond the reach of centrally operated taxi services.