CallMe Ride Chain

Communication 5G Technology

With the era of automotive intelligence, how to fully explore the value of the associated massive data is becoming a focus of attention. In the industry’s view, if big data of car can be used effectively, it can not only provide more accurate service for the whole life cycle of the car, but also hope to replace the car product itself as the main profit point.

CallMe Ride Chain

Automatic Driving

The development of intelligent network connectivity of automobiles is accompanied by big data. In order to improve the intelligence and safety of automobiles, automakers are adding more and more sensors to auto parts. From tire pressure monitoring to body stability control technology, adaptive cruise technology, lane departure warning system.

CallMe Ride Chain


The CallMe ride chain operation team built a data asset management platform based on the underlying technology of the blockchain, cutting into the operation of personal data assets. On the blockchain platform, users have control over their own data assets and can manage data assets including birth date, purchase history, driving behavior, credit value, etc. on their own.

CallMe Ride Chain

Big Data

The biggest advantage of CallMe ride chain operation team application blockchain technology is that from data validation, circulation, value realization to value sharing, the entire data platform ecosystem will be fair, transparent and tamper-proof, reducing user data sharing and worried.

CallMe Smart Ridding System

CallMe Riding System——A New Blockchain Sharing Economy

Obviously, the real sharing economy is decentralized, with a comprehensive mechanism to achieve large-scale distributed collaboration. All participants in the sharing economy can access the economic community through a blockchain and point-to-point color. In the new shared economy, everyone can become a producer at the same time, and every economic activity becomes a cooperation.

CallMe Blockchain e-Hailing System
- Choose Once, Safely Travel around the World

The CallMe platform returns power and control to people and leverages the latest trends and technologies in the field of decentralization and encryption to create a self-regulating and self-expanding shared-sharing network that requires no central authority and therefore no middleman fees. This peer-to-peer system brings the sharing economy back to the taxi service economy, enabling individuals to create their own income in a variety of ways, while at the same time expanding naturally and in a way that is far beyond the reach of centrally operated taxi services.

CallMe Bblockchain ridding system = IOT+ Blockchain + AI

use smart contracts to automatically trigger an alarm event for any abnormal state. In the future, don’t let the customer service judge the abnormal situation, directly use the AI, or even join the automatic driving, the driver only plays an emergency role, and then cooperate with the global satellite to lock the position of the cab.

Call Me is one of the most user-friendly humanized application management platforms for future trends

Trends are created by human dreams, so human needs are the main source of value creation, and many people need it, but because actually original routine evolves the original application custom of hope in the life to be promoted, like many people hope that Facebook can keep their own living space and share their wonderful life. But after all, it is a software system that some countries can monitor. We hope that WeChat can be kept secret but it is also a monitored software system. The data value of these platforms’ astronomical figures shows that communication, chatting, interaction, sharing of life and socialization are already indispensable habits of human beings, and how to give up the no-free space under surveillance is an important habit that has become a part of life. The only way out is to have a system that can be equally convenient and decentralized to allow humans to return to a free breathing space that can be unmonitored, so that technology can lead to a safe life and then everyone can have a private chat space scene appears, this is the biggest in the future market demand and value. Call Me intelligently manages the comprehensive system with blockchain system. In addition to cash transactions, third-party payment platform payment, the embedded electronic wallet also includes virtual currency as a universal payment system without borders, which will solve human restrictions on national currencies, a system, and a currency world.

A System, A Currency World

Application - 12 - “Treasury” Services Platform
Application - 11 - “Exchange” Services Platform
Application - 10 - “Communication” Services Platform
應用程序 - 9“交易所 ”服務平台Application - 9 - “Trade” Services Platform
Application - 8 - “Black Book” Services Platform
Application - 7 - “Business” Services Platform
Application - 6 - “Payment” Services Platform
Application -1-Call Me Hitchhiking Platform
應用程序 - 2 “特派”服務平台Application - 2- “Special” Services Platform
Application - 3- “Travel” Services Platform
Application - 4- “Discover” Services Platform
Application - 5 - “Accommodation” Services Platform

CallMe - Ride with No Worried

CallMe-Blockchain e-Hailing System - Choose Once, Safely Travel around the World

Call Me - Blockchain e-Hailing system is the first platform in this type of service. It is a fully decentralized and autonomous network ridding service that allows drivers to pay them in the form of cryptocurrency tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The initial driver activation fee is used to process passenger fares using the same token or any other traditional Fiat method. Its unique design allows it to scale without the help or control of any corporate entity. Drivers use the platform to foster their own revenue source network and peer-to-peer payment capabilities, enabling CallMe to automatically spread to new markets around the world, monopolizing many of its current competitors.